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Service announcement
posted by Starakin at 06:23am 13 Jan, 2011
Please note that the link above is broken. When connecting to IRC, try the main address
and yes, we're still idling in the same place.
Striking back~
posted by Starakin at 12:05pm 05 Nov, 2009
with 3 chapters of Agharta.
Send your e-hugs to vensu & ravy

Edit by vensu : and Stara...
edited by vensu at 11:22pm 17 Nov, 2009
Manga-Sketchbook Cast!
posted by Starakin at 04:45pm 21 Jun, 2009
Now Manga-Sketchbook is offered on MangaCast. What's it?.
In simple words, you can get releases automatically using eManga software. Just download and subscribe.
Service is maintained by derm, forward your thanks to him.

On to the 2nd announcement today, 2 more Agharta chapters released (wohoo~)
3x Hits Combo Attack (!?)
posted by Starakin at 09:19am 29 May, 2009
with more Agharta goodness.
2x Combo Attack
posted by Starakin at 05:23pm 10 May, 2009
I did say 1 chapter/week. But they were short. So here you go, two more chapters starting of Agharta 9th volume.

Thanks to Itain for his help.

P.S.: waiting for more script. So expect nothing next week.

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